I studied Drama/English at Hull University and began working as an actor in the theatre with such names as Mike Bradwell, Danny Boyle and Anthony Minghella; And with companies as diverse as Hull Truck, The Bush and Stratford East. I also worked extensively in film and TV appearing as Mr Knowles in Grange Hill (circa 1982), as Deadbeat in Dr Who (circa 1985), in Anthony Minghella’s, What If It’s Raining, Stay Lucky with Dennis Waterman and most notably as Eric Catchpole in over 50 episodes of the BBC’s long running series, Lovejoy. Since Lovejoy I have turned my attention to writing and directing but have also appeared as a regular in Alamo’s Starting Out and Noah’s Ark for ITV.

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  1. SO glad I found your site – – an insight into the man behind the loveable Eric !! I posted on your site earlier – – wrong page – ah – erm – oops – –

    MANY THANKS for all your hard work – – Lovejoy in particular – a WONDERFUL series with a fantastic cast. Thank goodness for dvds – we watch ours regularly. Quality entertainment at its best. Well done !

      • Chris. I have an idea for. New lovejoy, a comeback with all concerned, although Dudley would be part of the storyline.

      • 2 entries here….years apart. Please could we get the reply to David, recently sent – end of Nov ’18. Ta. It sounded positive!

      • It was great fun. A defining experience of my life. But no I don’t miss it. It was a long, long time ago. We shot the first series in 1985! That’s 30 years ago. By the time I left the show in 1993 I was already in my mid thirties and it was clearly time to move on.

  2. Hi Chris.

    My husband and I have just have just finished watching the complete Lovejoy series (Again). The series is as good today as it was when it was originally filmed. Fantastically written, perfectly casted and marvelously acted. To me, the series is in the same “Classics” category alongside “Fools & Horses” and “Steptoe & Son”. You bought such charm to Eric and had such excellent screen rapport woth the rest of the cast. Really glad I found your site. Do you think that a one-off, follow-up will ever be filmed? I know the books have continued since the series ended. I think it would definitely be well received.

    Good Luck for the future.

    Regards, Carrie

  3. I have seen every episode of lovejoy many times. I find TV monotanous these days so it is nice to put the DVD’s on and watch quality entertainment that was so much part of my youth. Thank you!

    • I wholeheartedly agree. I couldn’t believe it when the BBC launched similar drivel to ITV’s singing competitions. I have watched all of Lovejoy for the first time and I am 52! I was too busy working when the 6 series were first aired and though I saw and thoroughly enjoyed the episodes I did catch first time around, it’s only now on Yesterday that I have watched them all. Absolutely fantastic drama and the ever lovable Eric, very well played Chris. It was great to see you again this morning on the last episode………… the way, who’s baby was it?
      Thank you and everyone involved for making superb TV viewing.

  4. I remember now,20 odd years later, switching the ‘box’ on in the afternoon midweek and saying to myself ‘Lovejoy,what’s this load of @@@@@?! ‘, then 5 minutes lately being totally captivated with the characters and a very entertaining show , a sort of Minder/Only fools level comedy drama(nearly anyway imo lol)……a good cast and excellent acting….all the best ,Matt

  5. Hi Chris, I’ll check out the Lovejoy DVDs. I really enjoyed the programmes. When were you at Hull University? I studied Geography & History there in 1976-79, and my son has just graduated from Bath Spa (music). Time passes too quickly. All the best. Steve

  6. I ended up living in Hadleigh, Suffolk completely by accident & couldn’t believe it when I watched the first series again on DVD, Lovejoy as a series is just perfect. All we need now is you to remake & star in it, Suffolk needs you, Lovejoy country needs a boost, you still see pictures in shop windows where you filmed, people are so proud. I suppose I’m lucky I now get to drive through the spash at Kersey. Thanks for a brilliant few years of viewing, deeply missed.

  7. A few years back, Ian McShane hinted that he might be interested in reprising the role of Lovejoy. Do you still keep in contact with him and has the subject of a new series of Lovejoy – or a one-off special – ever been discussed with you? In my opinion, the show deteriorated markedly once you had departed but I think there would be great interest in a return of the original cast.

    • There have been a couple of attempts to revive the show. BskyB were talking to Ian 2002/3 and I was hired as writer but there was a rights issue and it never happened. then the original producer, Allan McKeowan had another go about 2007. there’s nothing afoot at the moment as far as I know.

  8. I am watching the whole series of ‘Lovejoy’ on Yesterday, a fantastic drama series. I was on holiday in Devon in 1994 and was fortunate to watch the last ever episode ‘Last Tango in Lavenham’ being shot on Burgh Island. I met Dudley and Ian but unfortunately you Chris was not there as you returned for this episode but your scenes I believe was shot in Essex/Suffolk. You all gave and still do give so much pleasure to the viewer with ‘Lovejoy’. May I wish you and your family well.

  9. Hi Chris,
    I was a very young lad when lovejoy 1st came on TV and am now been watching the re-run on TV now and am recording it on my PVR. I enjoy it alot as me and my family have lived in East Anglia all of our life,and is nice to see some famillier sites.
    I do hope that there will be another lovejoy made like Auf pet.

    Take care

  10. Alwaays enjoyed Lovejoy the emsemble cast was first rate and very entertaining, I am ejoying the re-runs at the moment, I think I saw you recently on an Antiques road show buying off one of the antiques dealers. Good luck for the future.
    Best wishes Chris Walker

  11. Hi Chris , Really Enjoyed Lovejoy ,i thought you and Tinker made the show ,Two Questions did you actually ride the motorcycles on screen and if so did you ever own a motorbike?


    Nige Bennett

    • I did ride the motorbikes but not the stunts obviously. I had a moped but not a motorbike. I started with a Raleigh Runabout with pedals! Ended up with a Suzuki 50.

  12. The show just wasn’t the same without Eric!! OK the writing was just as good but there really wasn’t any way to replace your character and watching the series again recently I reckon they didn’t bother.. That must have been one of the most perfect teams in British comedy – on a par with the Dads Army team. The illusion is so perfect you can actually believe the characters exist. They should have paid you a lot of money and then the last series would have been perfect 🙂

    • …attention producers, get hip, and bring back Lovejoy. Lets face it, the Hollywood Movie Machine might as well pack it in , they only make computer game movies. The British still know how to make quality Movies and Television.

    • It’s now 2014….who can get this thing moving? It’s obvious there’s a great following and call for a return of what must be considered now a ‘classic’ piece of British TV.
      I, for one, would love to watch a new series with the original cast for preference. Gash must have supplied sufficient material for loads of episodes yet, and I never watched it the first time round, couldn’t bear it, but I find it absolutely fascinating entertainment now! So well done and so in need of revival! Get this moving Chris…you were so much an integral part of the success!

      • Hi,
        From a couple of days ago. Below is a response to me having enquired into a Lovejoy remake……by the way check out my Facebook group: bring back Lovejoy on the bbc ,
        And my petition:

        Dear Ben, many thanks for contacting Red Planet Pictures.
        We do have a ‘Lovejoy’ project on our slate but it’s currently on the back burner due to us shooting two other shows at the moment, and we are waiting for Lovejoy to be green lit and given the all clear to start work on which if it does happen will not be until later this year I’m afraid. Please keep an eye on our website as any news or developments on the project will be announced on there first.
        Many thanks again, all the best. Garry

        Garry Tyler, Office Manager & Assistant to Tony Jordan & Simon Winstone

      • Yeah, I was aware of this but my understanding is Tony’s version is based very much on the books and will not involve any of the original cast and will not be a comedy/drama butmuch darker, like the books. Time will tell.

  13. I would love them to bring back Lovejoy, with all the antiques shows on TV being so popular it should be a winner. How is the chap who played Tinker these days.?
    Lets go for it.
    Chris Walker

  14. Well, I’ve been hoping they’d revive the series since it ended. Could happen… all the cast members are alive, kicking and active. Get on with it, though.. tempus fugit!

  15. Best series ever, ive watced lovejoy many times and watch my dvds regular. as soon as i finish watching the lot, i start again. It would be great if it was brought back, even as a full length special. so com on chris you could write, direct and star in it. Theres so many ways u could write this to see how the characters have done in the last 20 years. so com on ERIC lol.

    • You are too kind. But in fact I was hired by BSkyB about 12 years ago to write some scripts based on the original books. McShane was involved and it was close to happening but there was a problem with the rights and it all fell through. Then Allan McKeown, the show’s original Exec Producer tried again with the BBC a few years after that pitching the idea of Lovejoy’s son entering the family business. Again no joy. I think it is dead now though – as we are all ancient for a start. I’m 56! ‘Young Eric’ no longer I’m afraid.

      • you dont look 56. it would be great if something could be sorted to bring it back in some way. if you need any help just ask me, i dont know what i can do to help as im a hgv driver part/time lol i could drive you and the crew about lol. ive always wanted to do something behind the scenes of a film or tv programme. All the best Chris.

  16. Hi Chris
    Watching the whole series again , the wife bought me the DVD box set for my birthday , I had forgotten how good the whole thing was , top actors , top characters , great rapport ! I wondered if you still keep in touch with Dudley ,Ian and Lady Jane ?

  17. Hi Chris, not qualified to critique ( paramedic by trade) but love joy is a timeless classic with characters that people have a real affection for, like many others , have recently ‘bumped into’ the series on tv again and love them all. Think the on screen chemistry between you, ian and Dudley main reason for shows success! Hope you’re stil enjoying success in your ventures still!

  18. Hi Chris,nice to find your page,just like to say as much as i loved Lovejoy(just got the boxset happy day’s) i’am glad it was not brought back,as you say time has moved on and it’s hard to try and better something that was was top class in the first place,people will just try and compare it with the old Lovejoy’s.I’am more then happy to watch the old Lovejoy’s time and time again like i do now.So chris will we be seeing you acting at any time in front of the camera? that would be a treat.All the best now Steve

  19. Hi Chris, Great website, very interesting – I used to watch Lovejoy when I was about 12 and I have loved the show ever since, myself and my wife Golda watch an episode everyday when our baby son is having his nap – Thanks for making our sons nap time that wee bit more special! Best wishes – David

  20. Greetings from Nova Scotia.I just wanted to say thank you for all the fond memories.I have the complete box set of Lovejoy and have watched it countless times.

  21. I can see from the above that its obvious how much the British public still love Lovejoy. Great comic drama of the like we dont see any more,mores the pity. From what you,ve said Chris it looks like we missed the moment to reprise Lovejoy, about the same time Ian and Dick brought back Auf Weidersehen which I thought they did very well.

    I wish you all the luck in the world with your future projects , Lovejoy brings back so many great memories of the 80s and 90s………”The past is another country……………( we all know the rest….) “

  22. it was the only one show to watch all the other programmes didn’t stand a chance. when beatamax was the (in thing) I used up all my tapes making shore not to miss any?.
    looking back at it now on dvd in a lovely box it is still the best. love all of the cars/bike`s taking me back to 1986. when it started, and little old just 33. bring it back chris.

  23. Wow what a delight it is for me to watch the wonderful Lovejoy on sunday mornings,What a great show it still is and so well written,It beats socks off to some of the shows on tv at the moment,And Chris you are one of my favourites ,always make me laugh,

  24. Recently re-discovered Lovejoy on Yesterday, fantastic to see them again. Any re-make you care to do would be great, with the original cast of course. Don’t worry about age thing we are all a little older now!

    • I loved the whole series. I was in the antique business all my life. I was a knocker worker and the stories I can tell remain with me to this day. I then progressed to exporting. Great memories. Like my book the secret train robber biography Sunday times best seller. Great times. Yours truly kind regards Lee Sturley

  25. I completely missed all of Lovejoy when it was first aired and just started watching the repeats on TV. I only had to see the first episode to realise what I had missed! Lovejoy is one of those precious, rare happenings in TV drama where the script and the acting were made for each other. Thanks Chris for your massive contribution to the series, I am now hooked! I will write to Santa and ask for a boxed set- sadly there is nothing to compare on telly at the moment.

  26. hello chris i was wondering do you ever visit the places in suffolk were you
    used to film if you did i would imagine they would bring back memories, your part you
    played in lovjoy was exellent chris. n garner

  27. Hi Chris. I think Lovejoy is one of the best ever series created for ITV. I am in the middle of watching them all again on “Yesterday” and they’re all as good today as they were when they were first released. I remember delivering all around the Saffron Walden area for a firm called Roadline UK Ltd when you were recording the series and seeing all the cameramen and crew at various different locations. In my opinion, Lovejoy was and still is one of the best programmes on TV.

  28. Hi Chris ajust wanted to say how much i enjoy Lovejoy. It is currently being rerun on cable tv here in OZ. I am originally a Hull boy and lived not far from Hull Uni. Which pub did you frequent. Best regards Philih

  29. Hi Chris,

    I’m 27 and had fond memories watching Lovejoy with parents though vague remember enjoying it, just finished the whole series through Yesterday and hooked and wanting more, with public support do you think there would ever be a chance of a revival? So annoying to hear you had been hired as a writer but it never went through 😦

    In the present what are you doing writing wise this year?

  30. There really should’ve been a Lovejoy episode where Lovejoy, Tinker & Eric should have to either New York, Memphis, Louisville, LA or Chicago to search for an antique but end up in trouble along the way

    • Hell yeah and I think Eric Allen Kramer (Bob from Good Luck Charlie) would be 90s Al Capone Tom Thunders & David Caruso (Horatio Crane form CSI: Miami) would be police lieutenant Marty O’ Sullivan

  31. Hi Chris. Best programme ever made with the best cast ever. Signed an online petition to bring back lovejoy. Aah the good ole days of decent tv. And without Eric catchpole lovejoy would not be the same.

  32. As it is appropriate timing, “Happy Christmas to you & yours”. As the brood will be watching Phyllis Logan / Downton Abbey on this Christmas Eve, I will be self exiled to the bedroom watching TV. Happily, the VCR (yes, still have one) has “Raise the Hispanic” queued up.

  33. Have just read an article where Sky are looking to bring back Lovejoy, I do hope so! Wow that would be cool! Ben.

  34. Recently got the the entire Lovejoy collection..remember watching them years ago over here in the States..but only every now and then as they were not shown on a regular basis..I’m a fanatic about England for some reason..especially the country areas..the villages …townships..etc..Absolutely love the scenery and country homes…Stumbled on your site doing a search on what happened to the cast..Have to say was surprised as well as saddened at your departure from the series in the fifth season as much as Jane’s earlier…..I’m on season six..and wish there there were six more seasons to any rate Cheers and a pint to ya for such an excellent show from an old dodger not unlike Tinker !!

  35. It’s now 2014….who can get this thing moving? It’s obvious there’s a great following and call for a return of what must be considered now a ‘classic’ piece of British TV.
    I, for one, would love to watch a new series with the original cast for preference. Gash must have supplied sufficient material for loads of episodes yet, (and I never watched it the first time round, couldn’t bear it, but I find it absolutely fascinating entertainment now!) So well done and so in need of revival! Get this moving Chris…you were so much an integral part of the success!

    • Apparently Tony Jordan is writing a new version of Lovejoy based on Jonathan’s original books, which are much darker than the TV Series. Entirely new cast I’d imagine with a slicker, thriller style; a sort James Bond of the Antiques world.

      • ooh that’s not what Lovejoy fans were hoping for, hopefully the re working of Birds of a Feather with much of the original cast being a success will push Lovejoy in the same line. People liked the lighter side of things. Just what we need another dark gritty drama….NOT…

      • Tony Jordan should’ve based these new Lovejoy books on the TV show if you ask me

      • Based on the books series? That means Eric & Lady Jane won’t be in the show

  36. A new cast, I hope not defeats the the object thats the main reason why so many of us want to see it back on tv, to see the original cast, whenever they bring a show back with different cast its never the same and not as good as original series.

  37. No of course! and I am sure any new Lovejoys will be good. Just not quite the epic TV you guys made! Still life goes forward not backwards, thank goodness for repeat channels and DVD boxsets. !

    • Isn’t the idea of a ‘re-write’ sort of missing the point? Recently I have been observing a clear connection between successful ‘older series’ – and that is one of pleasing town/landscape locations,- places the viewer can enjoy and delight in, at a distance, and may even wish to visit; however this rather delectable backdrop is most memorable because it is populated by ‘quirky’ characters. Look at how many great series defy reinterpretation, and so fall at the hurdle of attempting to reproduce novelty. And novelty is what makes programmes like Lovejoy, Blackadder, Dad’s Army and so on, really great fun to watch.
      I look forward to the repeats but I’d be even happier if I knew the series were to be continued far into the future!

  38. Indeed a re-write is prob the wrong word / phrase, I was hoping for a continuation but with at least an appearence from time to time of some of the original cast. I think in his interview for the box set Mr. McsShame said he would be happy to carry it on as a guest appearence with his daughter taking over as the “Lovejoy” .

    Format wise, I guess like Lewis is to Morse, sort of same style but moved on and updated but with clear homage and connections to what went before. Of course I do realise that I am a viewer with no experience of making TV etc. but I just know that if I drove past a billboard with you all gathered around the back of a new Range Rover at a car boot sale or something with the slogan “Back in business, coming soon” I would be very excited indeed. Maybe Lovejoy could actually have made a wad of cash and for once managed to hold on to it and then retired. Anyway , now I am rambling, whatever happens I look forward to it.

  39. I completely agree with Stewart and Barry about the idea of ‘a continuation’ rather than a new version based on Gash’s novels. Patching old and new isn’t a recipe for success either. I expected a pleasant hour last night, watching the new Jonathan Creek. Unfortunately after seeing this episode I was left feeling vaguely disturbed, and Jonathan didn’t look too happy himself…. While the mystery is still there, (great!) darker elements were introduced and that is not why, I suspect, many viewers were attracted to the earlier series, and followed it.
    Maybe the same attitude is being applied to a new Lovejoy, and we will feel short-changed?
    When actors take on parts that they give more than flesh to it comes across so strongly, and the Lovejoy series was very much a team effort which displayed this characteristic. Does anyone else agree?

  40. I agree 100% a continuation is always a recipe for success, nothing fails more miserably than a new cast.

  41. Thanks. Excellent comedy programmes like the Big Bang Theory and Cheers gathered an enthusiastic following both sides of the Atlantic, but to translate their material into something new just to rehash the original idea would be ludicrous. Such storylines wouldn’t work well outside their context. The appeal of Lovejoy is the longevity of its themes, characterization and setting, with its rather innocent plots that engage the family.
    We don’t need any more ‘gritty’ drama, in fact a lot less of it would go down well…..

  42. Hi Chris

    Just found your site after seeing something on the Coventry Telegraph website about local celebrities. Never knew you were a fellow Cov kid! Am now living in Germany and a regular watcher of the Lovejoy series on DVD as I have been since I first saw it in the 1980s. It’s a real reminder of the good parts of home in UK. Amazing how so many people on here remember you just for that. Was a total classic – timeless. I always think it must have been a lot of fun working with Phylis, Dudley and Ian. You come over as a really good team. Hope things are going well with your current ventures.



  43. Was a big fan of the TV series when broadcast in the 80s/90s and in recent years have read all the John Gash books> The early books and first TV series are very similar, but by the mid ninties and the last two series they had become very different beasts with Lovejoy in the TV series wearing designer jackets / jeans, with the Lovejoy of the books becoming more and more destitute and disfunctional. The books are about a loner who is ” divey” with antiques , the TV series is about freindship, ie,Tink, Eric,Beth, Lady Jane,and yes even Charlie ! and the great back drop of East Anglea.
    A new sreies would have to include Ian McShane and others from the original cast with new characters and input from the author and the original prodution team.

    Is this likely ? I dont think so but we can live in hope .

    The character of Lovejoy has been a big influence on my life and I am at the moment writing a novel about a similar type of figure but in my own field of work and my own part of the UK.

    Mean while Ian McShane IS LOVEJOY

    R I P Malcolm Tierney

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  45. Hi Chris , found lovejoy on midday tv 4 years ago ,obviously it must have been on Aussie tv years before but the title would have put me off without investigating further glad i did , an absolutely brilliant show great cast of Characters and actors acting in the finest tradition, thank you for the memory’s , and yes where did those years go i am 62 but it seems like yesterday, rage rage against the dying of the light, cheers mate and good health to you and your family.
    Townsville Nth QLD Australia

  46. I saw recently on the net some thing along the lines of ‘Catchpoles Motorcycle’ a sequal along the lines of Catchploe and son in Buckinghamshire. Cant find it now but it is a very good idea.
    Eric still struggling with bikes and antiques , a brighter son who keeps digging him out of trouble. Eric saying a long remembered back ground figure ‘Lovejoy’ would know what to do at every juncture. They visit Tinker, Lady Janes Husband come through town with his play, Charlotte buys an old pot Eric keeps his spark plugs in,Beth helps them find its twin for a pair to sell……………………….and , and Lovejoy returns to save Eric from eviction from his old mill house
    Am I dreaming ? Of coarse I am but would fans of Lovejoy accept anything less.
    Remember the Minder remake ? No ? Then your lucky because it was terrible and bore no relation to what was good about the original……

    • well Craig I do not think that we will see the best of British again, I hope so but I doubt it, maybe it is just age, but I do not think that there will ever be another Porridge ,Open all hours , fawlty towers, the brit sitcoms of the 70’s were the Golden age I think.? for me anyway, just have to be content with Dr who, I think that they could have extended Lovejoy for a few more years though .
      Cheers, Sonny

  47. Lovejoy is without doubt one of the best television shows ever made. Great acting, wonderful storylines and breath taking scenery. The relationship and chemistry between Chris, Dudley, Phyllis and Ian made the show believable and engaging and I would love the show to return but only with same great actors (or as many as) that make that connection between the past show and any new revival. Chris, Eric was my favourite character as you made him enjoyable, real and humorous to the show. My favourite episode is when Eric buys an old motorbike so that he can sell it on to make a profit and ends up crashing and Lovejoy breaks his leg. Would you consider returning to acting in the future! All the best Martyn

  48. Chris i was just wondering if you regret leaving Lovejoy when you did, and if it impeded your acting career regarding keeping your face in the public eye, and more tv or movie offers, the reason i ask is that Ian seems to have gone on from strength to strength, when i regarded you and Tinker as the main Characters , don’t mean disrespect and am certainly not qualified to comment on actors and actors , only as a fan but thought that you would/should have been destined for more roles movie/tv , but if you felt at the time that the stage and play writing was your forte then one must pursue what they feel is their calling and what makes them happy .
    Thanks for the memory’s and at the end of the day you have left your legacy enshrined .
    Regards Sonny

  49. Chris – just watching another Lovejoy repeat. They seem to me like Fawlty Towers in that you can watch them over and over and still enjoy them. They were perfect entertainment. And I am a cynical bastard, not easily entertained. Now I know they are all out on DVD I know where my next pocket money is going. And not many people seem to recgnise the educational element of Lovejoy. What other TV program can entertain and educate you without you even knowing. Fabulous. And , of course, you were really good in it even though I did suspect you weren’t actually a teenager.

  50. Chris, Please do everything in your powers to direct/produce a ‘one-off’ Lovejoy. I know it would be difficult to get all the characters together again (RIP Malcolm Tierney), but ‘Lovejoy’ is the best UK series ever produced. I have the boxset and watch at least one series (all episodes) every week. Favourite series is the 1st series…iconic image of you and Lovejoy driving through the ford at Kersey and soaking Lady Jane. Favourite episode is the Kakiemon Tiger with Colin Salmon and Ken Cranham and you getting the blame for not stopping people from entering the auction. Thanks for all the happiness you’ve given me. Please don’t leave it with ‘Last Tango in Lavenham’.

    • I agree Entirely Nick, Lovejoy could have still been running and the fans would still be watching it, i often wonder why the producers of Hit shows cut them short , i understand going out on a High but i think they owe the fans some loyalty as well if the series was losing money then yes that is understandable.
      Some soaps on tv have been going on for donkeys years, if i lived in the UK i would enjoy visiting some of the places where lovejoy was filmed, breathtaking scenery.
      I also am a weekly watcher of at least 1 lovejoy episode , maybe the reason we enjoy the show so much is that lovejoy is a reflection of our past and of pleasant times in our life , starting to get Maudlin, time to put on another Episode .
      Cheers Sonny

      • Sonny,

        You need to make your way over to East Anglia. There’s a few books on the market which take you to the most popular sites over the 6 series. Personal favourite is 50/50 between the market square at Lavenham or the Chappel and Wakes Colne viaduct. Going to these places really brings alive Lovejoy. Its all about those thatched cottages, shingle beaches, big skies, gentle rivers, wonderful antique shops in places like Long Melford. Come over for 2 weeks and just walk around….you’ll really get to know and enjoy Lovejoy even more.

  51. Thank you Nick for your reply, i would love to do the tour but i live in Launceston Tasmania so would be a bit expensive although maybe one day, the scenery in those shows is breathtaking i often go on Google earth and take a tour down those beautiful country roads, also another series i discovered a few years ago was the darling buds of may, again good scenery and the brilliant David Jason, i envy you being able to tour around the sets of lovejoy, i would assume that to buy a house in some of those villages would cost a pretty penny , once again thank you for having the courtesy to reply and feel free to converse ,i only came across Chris’s site by accident and was amazed that a star of lovejoy would converse to the common folk he certainly is the down to earth Eric from the series , so i will leave you now Nick hoping this tome finds you in good health and spirit as i am about to start on series 3 lovejoy.

    Cheers mate

  52. Strangely enough I was walking the dog on the Green at Long Melford a few weeks ago…do you know how long it takes to get there from Scotland with a dog….? and I had lunch at the Bull (without the dog).
    I have several hours of video now after 10 days touring the countryside of Lincolnshire/Suffolk/area etc visiting friends. You can’t put a price on the value Lovejoy gave the English tourism business and this might be an argument for its resurrection.
    Sonny, if you can see any of these parts of England in summer then you would feel incredibly blessed.
    I think the answer to why producers etc decide to axe/change popular programmes is not just to let them go out ‘on a high’ but short-sightedly allow them to be usurped by more ‘fashionable’ topics. Hence the recent deluge of awfully embarrassing sit-coms. Sometimes there is a reprieve when demand dictates, sadly this did not occur in the case of Lovejoy because there wasn’t enough outcry….the series still had to become ‘a classic’ and this has been proved over time.
    Carry on the call though, there may be life in the demand yet.

    • G’day Lizzy , Envy your walk would have been magic in your summer , just coming out of winter here in Tasmania, moved here earlier this year from the tropics Townsville, Nth Queensland.
      The Locals tout Tasmania as the Emerald isle and gush about it’s beauty , i must have blinkers on , i sometimes suggest they watch lovejoy for a comparison.
      The small villages in the show can only be described as breathtaking , apparently the pilgrims way is a good walk, having lived and worked throughout Aussie and Nue Guinea i have had my fill of the deserts and jungles , one can have enough of the rugged beauty and land of sweeping plain, i enjoy a more genteel English rose Garden setting.
      Back to the show though, Lovejoy had class, and a lot of the sitcoms on tv now seem to be filled with bad acting and inane pratfall humor , maybe that is how we have morphed as a society and the market share dictates the direction perhaps.
      I hope you enjoyed your walk and your videos of said trip , would enjoy sitting down and having a cuppa and watching them with you.

      Cheers Sonny

  53. Yes please, Curtis, good news would be appreciated. I have had to resort to watching Hamish Macbeth this late at night and I need to get up for work in the morning.
    Sure that Sonny won’t have had to endure that lesser standard of British drama yet! – you could count endless hours of filming Suffolk countryside from a car window as superior.

  54. I always think of Lovejoy in the same light as series such as Minder, auf wiedersehn pet and only fools and horses, it always had that feel that the characters were someone you knew or would have liked to have known or that they were old friends as soon as you got into the first few episodes.
    I always thought that it would be a fabulous program to bring back for a special, i wonder if a new audience would take to it as it was back then, sadly i think theres not the same sort of quality sit coms and light entertainment series on the tv these days as when programs like Lovejoy were about, i think there much needed now!!

  55. “….it always had that feel that the characters were someone you knew or would have liked to have known or that they were old friends as soon as you got into the first few episodes……”

    You are so right in making this comment Rob, and to draw a comparison with programmes such as Cheers, Big Bang Theory, etc , sit-coms that have deserved their success, Lovejoy had these elements in abundance.
    When will there be good news?
    Lovejoy from the early episodes would be the most promising form to take, even if it were to be written for a one-off,- that would be enough to spark interest in continuing a short series? Bring on the wheelchairs, quickly though.

  56. can’t believe the last comment was 2011 😦
    just watching lovejoy all over again on Drama 8am every morning before work.
    just loving it so much.
    if there is ever a time to get the whole gang back together…its now!!!!!!
    if my numbers come up this weekend I will fund it :-).
    love the show and I demand a one off special! 😉

  57. Love the early episodes, innocent and great fun. Re-watching again and just starting series 3.
    I know it’s a fir while ago but do you keep in contact with any of the old cast ?

  58. Hi Chris,

    Fabulous news at the weekend upon reading that Lovejoy could be returning to the small screen through Tony Jordan. Would be great if you were involved again. I’ve recently moved to East Anglia and have been spotting various pubs used for filming locations in the series.

    Cheers for the entertainment


  59. Let’s see. Jordon seems to be making something about Motown as well….sincerely hope there is a new Lovejoy, with as many originals…… that can stand up and speak….. as possible!

  60. My favourite episode has to be ‘ERIC OF ARABIA’ . Very happy memories of a care free time, and having something decent to look forward to watching on the BBC. Well done to all the cast for their hard work which was reflected in the quality of the acting.

  61. Hi Chris. I love watching Lovejoy. I cried at the last episode last Friday on drama. Would the show come back. Have you met Lovejoy since the show finished.chetan vanker

  62. Hi Chris,my 10 year old daughter is starting to get in to Lovejoy.Last night we watched The Kakiemon Tiger.I was just wondering if you still ride a motorcycle?
    Thanks for the great show,

  63. Hi chris loved the show and always pop it on if I’m after some light hearted drama. lived in many of the locations, bishopstortford, saffron walden, Hertford and opposite Brians house in “bin diving” (a great episode) and now live in hampshire so its like a little piece of home to watch. Ironically my father in law used to meet Ian quite often as a chaufer for friend of his, I think on occasion he used to park mrs mcshanes jaguar (at the time). If the new series goes ahead, you should definitely head it up as much more mature and wiser Eric!

  64. Hi Chris,
    we’ve just finished watching a marathon of Lovejoy, the boxset from start to finish, god I miss that show, great lighthearted fun. Fingers crossed for a full cast reunion for the new series, or if it’s to be a reboot I hope that they at least invite you all for cameo appearances, would be nice to see you all onscreen together again.

    All the best
    Mark & Kim

  65. hi Cris, just wanted to say how much enjoyment over the years eric and the team have given us . If we feel a bit down ” lets put on a lovejoy” allways does the trick. Living in suffolk feels like your on set anyway , can’t wait to see eric in the new series
    many thanks, patrick and marie

  66. “Can I ask what it was like to play Eric and do you miss the Eric days”

    “It was great fun. A defining experience of my life. But no I don’t miss it. It was a long, long time ago. We shot the first series in 1985! That’s 30 years ago. By the time I left the show in 1993 I was already in my mid thirties and it was clearly time to move on.”

    Do you mind if I copy the post as it arrived please?
    I would like to say that most people would feel glad you had moved on and don’t really miss the role of Eric, but add that most people (again) would say we all miss you, as Eric, and the rest of the characters of Lovejoy,.
    It seems incredible that the economic return of continuing a hugely popular series such as Lovejoy hasn’t tempted other interested parties so far, or are we missing something?

  67. Big fan of yours. Great website! Got Lovejoy website for my 40th and have gone through 3 series in a month

    One question…which do you found most fulfilling acting writing or directing?

    • Hi Daniel

      Acting, writing and directing all have their different joys and tortures. The one I am most proud of though is writing; a skill I thought I could never even aspire to in my youth and which I didn’t develop until I was over 40. It gives me great pleasure and great joy to be a writer and I really hope I can fulfil my potential in that area.

  68. Hi Chris! And cheers from Finland. YLE (equivalent for BBC) shows Lovejoy in their internet service and i am so glad about it. Loved your character Eric because he is into heavymetal 🙂 as am i. Anyway just wanted to say thanks and i need to check out your other projects too. All the best and greetings from Finland. Many of my headbanger metalfreak friends are really glad about the Lovejoy re-runs 🙂

  69. Hi Chris just been watching Lovejoy for the twediddlyumpty the time it never loses its charm and comedy I hope you are happy in your life and enjoying good health x

  70. Personally I think a brand new and modern take on it might be the best way; trying to revive it as it was might be a nostalgic effort too far.
    The Sherlock model would be a decent starter for ten.
    Cheers Eric

  71. Hi Chris, just wanted to say Thank You for Eric, he was a wonderful character, I appreciate that you are much more than just Mr Catchpole, but as one of the original 4, you were very entertaining. Series 1 is my favourite, particually the scenes shot around Bury st Edmund’s. Currently recording the run on Drama to watch again. A true classic! I don’t think anyone should attempt a remake, it just wouldn’t be the same, the original captured a moment in time, now long gone.

      • Hi Chris,
        Claire and I love the lovejoy DVDs and as family we’re massive fans, we’ve just stayed at Belchamp Hall (lovejoy studios) first family holiday, amazing place and probably brilliant workplace. You are a legend in Eric of arabia dismantling the bike to rock music, you must want to get all the crew back together (Claire would love that) and maybe you and Ian could write together?! Be nice to here from you, maybe even a cold bitter in the Half moon sometime I’m buying, thanks again Paul

  72. Hello Chris
    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and still do all the episodes-most of which I now know almost word for word-even have the box set-it just seemed the right people in the right programme at the right time even the area was right-would like to see it come back again but then again perhaps not as things would not really be the same-I now it’s natures way to change and some of the stars are no longer around or too busy doing other thing-I suppose it all boils down to that old show business saying-‘LEAVING THEM WANTING MORE’ But it would be good to perhaps do a documentary just letting us know what all the leading players are doing and a quick interview with you,Ian and,Dudley and some of the others-Thanks for the enjoyment

  73. Hi Chris
    Just wanted to add my two penneth-‘Lovejoy’ was without doubt the best type of its time-watching the repeats on ‘Drama’ at present [usually twice a day] and have the box set wich is now getting a bit worn out through use-still great-Doesn’t seem to age as much as some series of the time[If you ignore the mobile phones] . Would like to see a new series but realise it would have to be a different format-don’t want the fiasco like the ‘new Yes Prime Minister’ thing is you really can’t improve on perfection-perhaps a documentary type ‘Where are they now’ on the various actors in it-How about you directing-what do you think-would be interested to know.
    Cheers and thanks again for a terrific series.

  74. Hi Chris,
    Just wanted to say that: ‘you’ve used fresh tomatoes in this spaghetti’ always makes me laugh, even on a bad day – don’t think you could have played it better.
    Hope one day you’ll use your writing skills to pen another episode, I’m sure it would be greatly received.

  75. Chris,
    Didn’t know this “Lovejoy” love In site existed. It was my late mother’s absolute favourite programme and as such became mine. This along with Minder, are without doubt the best comedy drama’s written during the 80’s and 90’s. TV these days seems to consist of American imports and poor attempts at create comedy through excessive swearing.
    It is good to see you are a man of many talents too and all the best. You are immortalised as Eric. You were even an answer on The Chase the other day!!
    Cheerio and hoping you still have the Harley Lovejoy bought you!

  76. You went up there for real?? Brave man, ! Can I ask you a nerdy question? Why do shows like Lovejoy use show plates on cars instead of real reg number, I’ve always wondered why.

  77. Hello Chris, do you ever at all visit
    The places were you filmed , I have been to Lavenham and some of the other areas very Lovley places.

  78. Hi Chris, Enjoyong the series is Australia again after many years, a wonderful series, probably, my favourite, good luck yo you and look forward to many happy returns and maybe a new series, thanks heaps, Jude

  79. Hi Chris,

    I contacted Tony Jordan the other day to ask if he was nay further ahead with the new Lovejoy series…

    Had a reply today: –

    “Have written the script, looking for a broadcaster to partner with. We will announce when we have that – I’m as keen as you to see it come back!”

    Are you making a return when it does (I know we all hope so!).

    All the best,


    • I think it highly unlikely any of the original cast will be asked to appear. As I understand it Tony has returned to the books for the tone and format and is NOT remaking the 90’s TV version, but instead dramatising the original books. The 90’s TV version was a construct of Dick Clements and Ian La Frenais, who only used the books as a jumping off point. In the books for example Eric and Lady Jayne only occur once and the characters in the TV show were really inventions of Dick Clements and Ian La Frenais. Tinker is in several of the original books so may appear in Tony Jordan’s series but I think it unlikely it will be Dudley playing him because in style, tone and content this is a completely different show.

  80. Hello Chris, In what was, I believe, the last episode of Lovejoy in which Lovejoy is preparing to be married but is “kidnapped” and flown away in a helicopter, you (Eric), Lady Jane, Tinker, were all waiting in the church with a hundred other people waiting for Lovejoy (the groom) to make his appearance. In this episode you are shown arriving at the church with your wife and baby. To get to the point, was the baby your actual son Joe?

  81. How are you getting on with Co writing the new lovejoy series I hope you realise how many of us watch the old reruns wishing for the day that the old cast is reassembled and the filming starts. It’s what tv needs and what many want.
    Many thanks for a great program

    • See my reply to an earlier question:

      ” think it highly unlikely any of the original cast will be asked to appear. As I understand it Tony has returned to the books for the tone and format and is NOT remaking the 90’s TV version, but instead dramatising the original books. The 90’s TV version was a construct of Dick Clements and Ian La Frenais, who only used the books as a jumping off point. In the books for example Eric and Lady Jayne only occur once and the characters in the TV show were really inventions of Dick Clements and Ian La Frenais. Tinker is in several of the original books so may appear in Tony Jordan’s series but I think it unlikely it will be Dudley playing him because in style, tone and content this is a completely different show.”

      • It can’t be replicated! Lovejoy was an original, and anything else would be a poor substitute. Like the remake of True Grit (painfully bad!)…..You can’t better an original!

  82. The writing of the tv Lovejoy series needs to be replicated with something like ‘Lovejoy Again’ and so avoid confusion with any new Jonathan Gash adaptation. Who’s going to do it? Someone needs to get going soon before it’s too late to regain popularity, and the substitution of ‘ancient’ character actors by people who had no reputation deserved by the original Lovejoy cast!

  83. Chris – Just wondered if you ever have contact with some of the old crowd-Dudley,Phyllis etc and how are they [specially Dudley] getting on..

      • Chris – As a collector or autographs – is it possible you can advise where I can obtain a signed [You,Dudley,Ian & Phyllis] photograph-If you want to reply via my e-mail address please do so…….

      • Just a note from an old guy in Tennessee..currently watching the series for the third time on my hard drive..I absolutely love the show..but more’s the British scenery that I can’t get enough of..the estates, cottages, villages, and the PUBS.. so want to visit places like that…but I know I’ll never get over there…thanks for a wonderful entertaining show….wish there were many more seasons to watch…I’ve always had a love for the British tv series, Avengers, Benny Hill,..etc…and of course LOVEJOY…TAKE CARE MY FRIEND..PJ Gallatin Tn..

  84. Know your a busy man…but as I watch lOVEJOY FOR THE THIRD TIME…i noticed Charlie Gimberts character seem to dissapear for two or more seasons..then returned in time to acquire Felshem Hall…curious as to why..and your departure left a certain comic void in the show…really miss “ERIC’S” character as well in the last two seasons…what happened in both cases ??? cheers and beers to ya !!!

  85. LOL…Kinda what I thought…always follow the money…hope things have worked out for you..seems as if they have…such a great show…still enjoy watching it after all these years..cheers..pj

  86. Rumours about Lovejoy returning, would you be up for that? Just watching re runs and we said that even the music was so relaxing that we would to see it return. We also live in Suffolk x

  87. That would be a shame, it wouldnt be the same without you. Obviously sadly no Tinker but no age limits on antique dealing, humour and high jinx? I did read somwhere that Phylilis Logan might consider it?

  88. What makes lovejoy such a great show was how well all the cast ork and all the great guest stars that appeared, I’d hate to see a remake , if the make a new version of Lovejoy its either got to be a young lovejoy or next generation so you could have original cast pop in as guests.

  89. Yeah that would really work… next generation. Good idea Sean! That would allow a total refresh whilst finding reprisal roles for some of the original cast. Guaranteed success! What do you think Chris… would you do it?

  90. Chris,

    It’s really fantastic to see you interact with your fans Chris. Lovejoy is a great bit of television. I’d love an autographed photo if possible. I might be an atypical Eric Catchpole appreciator seeing as I’m likely significantly younger than most others, but appreciate your work I certainly do. Looking forward to delving into your writing and direction work.

    All the best,

  91. I missed Phyllis Logan when she left. Enter a bimbo! Magic was gone. I thought you played the part of Eric brilliantly! Just re-watched the entire series on Acorn. Lovely!

    • Same, I didn’t really take to the Charlotte character, Phyllis was perfect for that upper class role which she acted so well, the show still remains the best written drama in the last 20+ years imho, they don’t make them like that anymore, it was a cherished part of my childhood, and I still like watch it today! a testament to how good the writing and stories were, the was enough diversity in the characters, in the first 4 series, it lost so of that magic in season 5 and 6! = no lady Jane or Eric

      • I totally agree! We have all the boxed sets and have just given them to my father-in-law who is in a care home and he is loving them. We live in that part of Suffolk so he recognises a lot of the locations.
        Would really love it to come back but i guess some things are not meant to be 😏

      • Hi I enjoyed the whole series as I was myself involved in the antique trade . I have so many tales to tell. Like my biography the secret train robber. Sunday times best seller. I progressed to exporting to America. Great memories. Yours truly kind regards Lee Sturley

        Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

    • Would LOVEJOY recognise that area of East Anglia again would he be disappointed with the antiques trade in the C21st ?

      • Of course Lovejoy would still recognise the ‘opportunities’ in his old haunt…..these places sort of reject any idea of full technology, and so prefer to live in a backwater. He would pick out ‘small things’ to capitalize on, but how the market changes….wow….what a chance to bring him back!
        I could write this script myself!

  92. Hi Chris, I must have watched every episode of Lovejoy 20 times…its a gem…so brilliant to watch and so uplifting. Also I love the music and comedy elements you brought into the show hilarious to watch..The show also triggered my interest in antiques and collectables over the years. Nowadays it looks like you are a very busy guy off screen!
    When you are writing a screenplay do you have any particlar way of beginning…or do you just begin to write down ideas about the characters and their back story first? Id love to try and write new episodes of Lovejoy. Im sure it could be brought back ..son or daughter/chip off the old block Lovejoy? Ha ha

    All the best ..from Jenny.

  93. Hi Chris
    It would be brill if they remade lovejoy with you guys making a return, I have watched your series over and over again and you never get bored and aim sure many would agree, I don’t think they should have new cast members if they decide to re film that is, you were like a family you could see that, brilliantly put together I believe sadly Charlie gimbut passed away, sorry if I miss spelt his name he was good always trying to get the upper hand
    Anyway Chris please try your best to make a comeback remember your never to old
    All the best Chris
    Calvin Evans from Worcester

  94. RIP Dud Sutton a lovely actor and man, he will be missed, you can see on LOVEJOY how much he enjoyed playing the part of good old Tinker Dill – I have left a similar message on your LOVEJOY site Chris. In 2004 Dud gave me a memory of Richard Wattis for my bio of Richard I was writing at the time, mark of the man……

      • Very sad to hear of his passing…all of the characters on Lovejoy are timeless…I have the series on hard dive and am watching it for the third time…it’s absolutely stunning for this 67 year old yank…the scenery, the stories..the interplay with the actors..just perfect casting…truly a show that will live forever..Thanks..Ian, Chris, Dudley and Phyllis for wonderful memories…

  95. Gutted to hear about the passing of Dudley yesterday, what a character! The funnest memory I have was a scene in Lovejoy where Eric and Tink were moving a cupboard (may have been a piano) down some stairs and it ended up on Eric, I rewound that scene until my voice went with laughter.
    Steve F Smith

      • We all know lovejoy was one grait show loved by millions, as dudley said with all the parts he played lovejoy will be the character he will always be known, you were brilliant dud love always x

      • Chris… wondering if your amazed at the number of people that still remember and watch Lovejoy ?? I bet you had no idea at the time it would hold up all these years later…especially in The United States…cheers..


  96. I think we all need to start a group to bring lovejoy back. Or even get a petition signed by 100k and make it law that it comes back and stays lol.
    Come on we need lovejoy in our lives

    • How many times have these sentiments been expressed yet nothing comes of them?! We really need someone to start scripting something that will be acceptable for a media company to commission?

  97. Whenever I’m feeling a bit of the Winter blues a couple of episodes of Lovejoy is the sure fire antidote. I always regret missing out on a chance to buy a painting of Charlie Gimbert smiling away with those piano key teeth! The series works on so many levels – writing, acting, locations, the asides, a touch of bitter-sweetness and the portrayal of the honest bond between friends. Thanks to all involved. Keith.

  98. Would have like to have seen a spin-off of Erice and Tinker Dill running the pub with slightly dodgy deals in both antiques and other items.
    With guest apperances from Lovejoy and other characters from time to time.
    Sadly with the passing of Dudley Sutton it will never happen.
    I thought this kind of story line would have lent it’s self to some interesting tales.
    As East Anglia as always beena slightly rebellious area when dealing with the Law & authority.

      • Well…Catchpole and Lovejoy sounds good…Lovejoy back from an extended stay in the states walks into the bar..and the rest would be glorious upheaval !!! All the best to you…Still watching the show off hard drive..still wonderful all these years later..


      • Hi Chris
        Just started re-watching the series again (probably for about the 10th time now). It was my late mothers favourite and i can always remember it being the highlight of her Sunday. Wasnt a fan when Lovejoy went through that love faze with Joanna Lumley and i thought it lost its way a little then. A bit like Dell and Rodney always chasing the million. It didnt work when they finally got it. Like Lovejoy, always chasing and making big money but never ending up with any!!

        Have fun

      • Thought I was trying to reply to another but….

        Equally, the consideration is that any work should reflect the published books by Gash/ some extent, (as an eg. that Cleeves was acknowledged as author for her Shetland and Vera tv series but adapted and re-written.)
        Although it has been commented that Gash’s novels move into a ‘darker’ world. (? I think that the early years of Lovejoy reflected the period most people feel most comfortable with, and hark back to a lively life in a lovely part of the world we all would like to be part of, and even if we could, move to, or even visit. It’s almost as though the whole scenario has a universal appeal.

        I certainly like to watch them now because of the clever plotting and it is pure escapism from the awful stuff of ‘reality crap tv’ etc.
        It should move into the category of ‘classic comedy’.

        Lovejoy wasn’t ‘cool’ when it first appeared, and I’m sure a lot of my generation found something else to attend to while our parents watched.
        Just bring the whole idea back and the generational process will be repeated, while we, the older viewers will be delighted! And the youths can cringe like we did.Or maybe not!
        Just need to get some proposal created while it’s still possible to do this.

  99. Really love watching Lovejoy. I have a feeling reality TV and talent shows have ran their out of steam.and appeal and like all the bands from the 80s reforming and back out filling stadiums all the great old sitcoms will be back its inevitable that’s my prediction.
    Do you still stay in touch with Ian mcshane, he has worked hard to make it and I love seeing him in the big movies etc. We need to get him to behind the comeback of Lovejoy we should start a campaign because it would get my vote.

  100. Chris,
    glad to have found your website here.
    Thankyou for your part in making Lovejoy such a wonderful experience that deserves rewatching again and again. I live in Northumberland but had the opportunity last week to stay in Lavenham, the Swan Hotel (did the cast stay there ?). Great fun driving round and seeing the locations in person, managed to get to a few of Catchpole and friends drinking holes ie the half moon in Belchamp St Peter.
    Good luck in your present ventures and thanks again for the pleasure you brought through all of your characters.

  101. The best Eric “putdown” is in the episode Colour of Mary in Season 4 Episode 5 where it goes something like “well good looks doesn’t seem good enough reason to execute someone, I’m glad I didn’t live in them days” and Lovejoy replies “why? you would have been the safest man in the kingdom”

  102. Looks like Lovejoy will finally be getting a revival, will we be seeing an Eric cameo?

    His backstory could be he is now a band manager for a heavy metal band.

    Lovejoy has been acquired for adaptation 33 years after it was first broadcast to be “updated for the 21st Century”.

    Nick Witkowski, director of Blue Sky Pictures acquired rights to the series from agent Lisa Moylett at CMM Literary Agency.

    Lovejoy was a series of novels written by John Grant, under the pen name Jonathan Gash, which went on to be a UK TV comedy-crime-drama series, starring Ian McShane, spanning 71 episodes between 1986 and 1994. The first title in the series, The Judas Pair, was published in 1977 by HarperCollins while many of the novels went on to be republished by Penguin Random House imprint Arrow with TV-themed covers.

    Witkowski said: “Lovejoy, based on Jonathan Gash’s classic character and books, was one of the most successful and popular long running series in British television history. We plan to update it for the 21st century for both the millions who followed the original and a whole new generation of viewers.”

    Moylett said: “We are very excited to be working with Nick Witkowski who has a strong and compelling vision for the series. Jonathan Gash, who has written 24 critically-acclaimed Lovejoy novels, is absolutely thrilled at the prospect.”

    • Hi Chris/Eric, thanks for this update, and I suspect it is something you mentioned several years ago…that there was interest in producing a new style of ‘Lovejoy’, and this prospective remit seems to fulfil that prophecy. I sincerely hope that while a new ‘Lovejoy’ series will find connection with a new audience, but think that many still hold out hope that the old one could be reclaimed. There aren’t many opportunities in tv/film history to cash (sorry) in on something that ‘gels and sells’ -(I’m copyrighting that!) as so remarkably successful as much as the original ‘Lovejoy’ production achieved. Wonder if John Grant will be as proud of the finished product, as proposed, as he must have been with what we all know and love watching, as Lovejoy?

    • Hi Chrissy

      I doubt if any of us lot will be involved. Jonathan Grant was very ambivalent about the TV show, which was very, very different from the books in both style and content. The TV show was really the invention of Ian La Frenais & Dick Clements.

      Be interesting to see if this guy can make it happen. There have been various attempts since the mid-90’s including one by Tony Jordan, apparantly, but I’m not sure Broadcasters are that interested?

      • Hi fellow Chris!

        If there is no normal Brodcaster interested, I guess there is always the digital platforms nowadays, we will have to wait and see I guess.

        I did find some additional information on this recent news.

        The character Lovejoy was the star of 23 novels written by John Grant under the pen name Jonathan Gash. Lovejoy then became a hit TV series starring actor Ian McShane in the 1980s-90s.

        Nick Witkowski, director of Blue Sky Pictures who worked on the original series, has acquired the rights for a new series from literary agent Lisa Moylett at CMM Literary Agency.

        Moylett told ATG: “Jonathan loves antiques and became an expert. What we all love about the books is the level of knowledge of antiques. The character is rather immoral and he doesn’t have much time for humans but for him, antiques are god.

        “I have worked with Jonathan for 27 years and he is 86 now. He has a real love and respect for antiques dealers and the trade. He is thrilled at the prospect of a new series.”

        Blue Sky Pictures will begin the process of creating a series, including script writing, which will take more than two and half years.

        McShane was recently quoted that he believes the new series should feature a female Lovejoy.

        Moylett added: “I saw Ian last week and I know he thinks it should be a woman but I am not sure – the character doesn’t need to change gender to move into modern times.”

        Witkowski told The Times that he is open to McShane having a cameo role in the new series and the location will be moved from the East Anglian countryside to London

  103. I hope this happens. There is nothing wrong in revisiting a great story and strong characters. Nothing can add or detract from the original series but fans do deserve a chance to revisit this world and to see where it goes in a new century. I would hope that it would include Suffolk, Lavenham etc…….surely that beautiful countryside and unique buildings were yet another key character to add to the main cast.
    I guess I just want more Lovejoy, that theme tune and Eric, Lovejoy and Tink……..bouncing off each other, or a new set of characters moulded by that same landscape.

    • Yes you are right Maurice, there is nothing wrong with investing in the strengths of Gash’s original conception, and yes, there are so many viewers who enjoyed the La Frenais/Clements version asking for a revival. The two ideas are poles apart by the look of it: maybe the way forward for our preferred Lovejoy is to invent a series based on the successful one -using some original actors/locations but probably with something that differentiates it for copyright reasons? Are La Frenais and Clements still around to ask for an opinion on how to do this?

  104. Really lovely program and Still is! Really missed you playing Eric it wasn’t the same.Still enjoyed watching it from season five episode seven.. I must say my best episodes were episode one and Eric of Arabia! Deep down in my heart they are all my favourite episodes every single one of them

      • Bin diving was an excellent episode Claire I must say! I’ve just finished watching every episode now I’m going to watch them all again looking forward to watching bin diving and Eric of Arabia come to think about it all of them happy days

  105. What music do you listen to? I found trance in like 1997 it’s such a magical genre, the melodies tend to extremely uplifting, but so many people never hear it because it is not mainstream, loving this one right now!

  106. From Ian reading the Lovejoy books (10/10) .. to musings about possible reboots and most recently Ian suggesting Lovejoy and daughter.. let’s hope it doesn’t get bought by a low budget US studio and hammered into oblivion like their rendition of The Saint.. In series context if filmed along a linear time line it would make nostalgic TV. Of course, I’m partisan towards my concept of a Lovejoy prequal set in the 1970’s answering all the questions from the six series. Like Patrick Macnee as Steed, the cast are forever stamped into the public’s psyche as Lovejoy … like Dad’s Army and Fawlty Towers it remains great British cult TV, with a social dynamic ahead of it’s time and a timeless humour to boot! Cast, scripts, direction. in perfect harmony. Except the film extra who chases after “Danny” the bogus mugging of Lady Jane hero in “God helps those” … he runs after the mugger half heartedly and has failed to take direction. Sigh. And the walk on who has to be pushed around by Lesley Philips.. LOL! When all is said and done, Chris, you contributed hugely to timeless telly and the consumption of tea!

  107. Dear Chris,

    re Lovejoy,

    “During filming in seasons one to three, several scenes were shot inside the Six Bells pub, Walsham Le Willows. For some strange reason, the films were reversed, and actors and actresses wore their watches on their right wrists, jackets with right-hand breast pockets were made, and there was even a reverse-replica of the pub clock”

    i read this on imdv trivia and was intrigued by it – if true that scenes were filmed in reverse – do you remember this and possibly why ?


      • thanks for the prompt reply Chris, that ‘fact’ is prominent on imdb, but it wouldn’t be the first mistake on that site.
        by the way, just decided to watch season 1 again and noticed that the actor playing Bigelow (Denys Graham) was in my favourite movie, he was one of the VC winners in Zulu (1964).
        I hope he got to talk about that back in the day.
        we got our 25 year old daughter to watch a few episodes for the first time and she loved it – she rarely likes anything pre 2000.

        not sure why you all had to wait 5 years until the second season but it is a huge pleasure to watch you and the rest of the ensemble as ever
        best regards

      • Yes I looked on IMDB. Very odd!
        My understanding is that the 5 year delay between Series 1 shot in 1985 and series 2 shot in 1990, was because of a personal rivalry between Michael Grade who was Channel Controller BBC1 and the show’s Producer Allan McKeown. Allan was one of the first Indie producers in the UK and had done an amazing deal with the BBC to produce Series 1. I believe it was called a ‘reverse co-production’ whereby the BBC paid 100% of the costs but McKeown retained overseas rights. Grade came in as Channel Controller of BBC1 during production of Series 1 and the show was given a graveyard slot of 9.00pm on a Friday night – A slot rarely, if ever, given to drama shows. Despite this the show did well and Grade had to at least go threw the motions of negotiating a deal for Series 2, which would have been shot in 1986. BUT Grade and Mckeown apparantly hated each other and had some sort of run in when Grade as LWT. So Grade made McKeown “an offer he couldn’t accept’ and Mckeown walked away from the deal and the show was apparantly dead. I went off and did Dr Who (before Grade axed that) and Series 1 of Stay Lucky with Dennis Waterman and then in 1988 Grade left the BBC to head up C4. Within three months of Grade leaving the BBC the regular Lovejoy actors had been contacted and during 88/89 the show was resigned by BBC1 and filming of Series 2 started in March 1990. And the rest as they say is history…

  108. I never realized there was such a long time between the first and rest of the episodes..very rare to find all the actors available after so many years..and yet all the episodes mesh seamlessly…I am again watching the entire series for the 5th time..the location is what interests me as much as the stories…the English country side, homes and landscape are beautiful especially the an old motor cycle guy..curious about the evolution from the BSA to the Sportster..and the bikes in between..and just how much riding did you actually do ?? Cheers and beers to you !!

      • Hi Chris,
        I have recently found Lovejoy again through lockdown, I remember my parents watching this when I was a child, and it was only when I heard the theme tune it felt like a nostalgic I’m home feeling. Your role was such a good role with the late Dudley Sutton ( Tinker) and Ian (LoveJoy) was one of the best Castings I’ve seen since Only Fools. It is still so relatable today and so wish there was a remake, would love to see the cast reunited one last time. Good times and great Show. Hope it happens and hope they keep it light hearted and fun.
        Stay safe and thankyou for bringing back the good times.

      • Yes I know he had passed away god bless him, did you keep in touch with Dudley and also Ian?
        or ever all meet up again one last time?

      • Dudley was one of my closest friends and I miss him terribly. Phylis and I are regularly in touch and Ian is helping produce a tv series of mine we are pitching in USA. So yes lifelong friendships made🙂

      • Well I shall look out for that, when it is finished can’t wait. I would love a signed photo of you and the cast of LoveJoy or just yourself Chris if possible. And thankyou for taking the time out to reply.

      • Hi Chris,

        Can’t wait for the new venture with yourself and Ian.
        Would also as a massive fan love a signed picture of either yourself or the previous cast.
        Thanks in advance


  109. Chris, many thanks for that interesting and comprehensive explanation. I am just watching the opening episodes of series 2 again and it is interesting to see the small subtle changes to the series but certainly no clue that you all had had a few years break – lucky you for being able to add Dr Who to the CV ! I am sure you enjoyed that too.


  110. Just found your site, Chris. Used to watch on A & E when it was a very different network. Turned the wife onto the series and we are almost through series 5. We are having a blast. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful work that is still so much fun for us today. Stay safe and stay well. Love from across the pond. Richard & Kate Byrd

  111. Hi Chris
    I had the amazing experience of being an extra when you all filmed at my school back in 1991. It was the most incredible experience seeing how it was all done and meeting Ian. I didn’t get to meet you unfortunately. I do remember all the girls having a massive crush on the young camera chap called Gareth.
    Another time the filming was brought to my village one Sunday (Great Bardfield in Essex), I stayed all day absolutely engrossed in it all. I was only probably 13 at the time.
    I loved Eric in Lovejoy and I felt you played the character so well. You really were an important part of the trio with Tink and Lovejoy.
    Georgina X

  112. Chris just wanted to say that I have just completed Lovejoy through this currently lockdown time and thought you were amazing. I remember it as a child but to watch it now in my 30’s was a real treat.
    Hope you’re keeping well.

  113. Hi Chris
    Just reading through all the messages on here and as does everyone I really miss
    Lovejoy .Just curious to know how the TV series your producing with Ian Mcshane is going.
    Great to hear you are all in contact with each other as well
    Thanks buddy all the best

  114. Hello Chris, I’m a bit of a Lovejoy geek (hopefully the only way I’m geekish!) I used to live in north east Essex and I know the county well, along with Suffolk. I imagine it must have been so much fun doing Lovejoy – not to mention regular work for an actor? Also it must have been interesting to work with such a variety of different actors? Who didn’t appear as a guest on Lovejoy over the many years of the show! I loved Warren Clarke in “Bin Diving” because he was wearing an Ipswich Town FC cap (my team). I had the pleasure of meeting you once at a fete at Little Ealing School in west London – my kids went there.
    I also had a great experience a few years ago when the owner of Belchamp Hall, Charlie Raymond, opened it for a tour of Historic Houses Association members. So weird being at ‘Felsham Hall’!
    Good luck with your varied and interesting-looking career.

    Kind regards,
    Patrick Russell

  115. Hi Chris i hope all is well
    Do you know if there is still to be a new lovejoy series comissioned and when its likely to start filming

  116. Hi Chris, can you remember what the song was with the lyrics ‘jumping the gun’ that you were dancing to in ‘ The Axe Man Cometh’ (S1, Ep2) when the tax inspector called? Can’t find out what it is! Just rewatching Lovejoy again, I live in Bury St Edmunds, great times, great memories. Cheers!

      • I might can help..most any recent smartphone has an app that will ID a song…play the song and hold your smartphone up to the speaker so it can hear it…it should be able to ID the music and artist.

  117. I watch LoveJoy episodes most weeks, It’s timeless and definitely should be brought back. Even in this very politically correct day and age which is absolutely needed, it was well written to appeal to everyone because it was a very well written and acted show. You could tell everyone enjoyed there characters, got on and it worked perfectly. Chris Jury (aka this website) was an absolute legend of LoveJoy, was a great character and you could and should be in the new episodes if a new episode was accepted by a network. The books by Jonathan Gash who wrote the stories came to life on screen and he wrote many more which many don’t realise, until 2005. #Bring Lovejoy back.

  118. Just discovered this site. I watched every episode of love joy. It was something we grew up with. It was a time of brilliant tv. The characters were perfect. Yes when Eric left it just never felt the same. A loss which was hard to take and understand. The series should have continued. The last episode was a real downer. The thought of no love joy was hard to live with. Although I have the episodes somewhere, it’s just too painful to return to something that you have lost.

    This was my favourite tv series and will always will be. We are all old now but sone day I will return to seeing the episodes again. The last episode was a little far fetched but the rest of the episodes were perfection. Eric yes you were our favourite and always will be

    Sad at the loss of the show and sad there was no remake. The original actors could though never be replaced.

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