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  1. WONDERFUL website. I relocated to the USA in 1994 and the first purchases after a Region Free dvd player when they were available were the Lovejoy dvds. We watch them time and again – my ‘Better Half’ is a local lass – – they give us HOURS of continued pleasure. Thank YOU , Chris !! It was so obvious that everyone worked so hard on the series – – those dvds are going to be watched time and time again. Sheer quality entertainment – so hard to find these days.

  2. loved the series “lovejoy”, i must of watched them over 10 times and now its on again every day on ch.yesterday… its a real treat. They dont make shows like this anymore and i dont think they ever will make something as excellent as lovejoy again. Would love to be able to get the autograph of Chris Jury, Ian Mcshane, Duddley Sutton, phyliss logan and Malcom Tierney, that would please me no end.

      • hello chris, lovejoy was a fantastic show. i have all the series and i do have friend lavenham jus one of the places yo filmed can yo send me autographs dud phillis melc ian an yo, wat a grait time 80,s 90,s

      • my address 39 chearsley road long crendon aylesbury bucks hp189bt
        thanck all best chris ngarner

    • I love Lovejoy, so much Chris. I think I speak for a lot of people, when I say, if you are feeling a little down or slightly under the weather, pop on Lovejoy and all is good with the world my friend. Cheers and thanks, Chris.

  3. Chris, genuinly did not expect a reply from you, I would be delighted if you could send me that. Your character “Eric catchpole” was just brilliant, you played it very very well, it wasnt the same when you left the series. Eric made me laugh, in my view he was the best character in lovejoy. I would be so pleased if you could send me the photo.
    my adress is : David Palles, 15 Tara Court, garden-city, Ashbourne, county meath, ireland.

    Thanks again for the reply Chris.

  4. hi, chris. could you send me a signed autograph of yourself with your Harley in the background/ or sitting on it. love the hog being a biker myself.
    plus the combo.

  5. Hello chris, do you ever visit the places were you filmed lovejoy I went to the bellchamps
    In sudbury suffolk lovley area , all best nick garner

  6. Dear Chris
    I have found your website recently and have enjoyed reading it.
    Congratulations on your new funding and for your trip to Russia, I hope it all goes well.
    I am writing to you in the hope of receiving a signed photograph of you.
    I am watching Lovejoy again on dvd and love it so very much, in particular yourself as Eric,
    it was sad when you and Lady Jane left and was not the same.
    I have also seen you in the film The Gift, but alas nothing else.
    Only knowing you as Eric, I am stunned at the other work you do, but not knowing you
    my only frame of reference is indeed Eric..
    It’s odd, I feel unsure about asking for your photo and autograph as I have not done this before….
    My address is 1, Swanworth Cottages, Swanworth Lane, Mickleham, Dorking, Surrey RH5 6ES
    I would very much appreciate this if it is possible, if not perhaps I can send you a stamped
    addressed envelope, if you could give me an address.
    Thanking you
    Warmest Regards
    Nicki H

  7. Hi Chris … Further to my last comment .. in 2011 crikey how time flies …. Could I possibly trouble you for an autographed photo ….. noticed a Lovejoy Antiques sign from the series recently auctioned for oodles of cash I was so envious ! For the sign of course ! If you can see my email addy drop me a line so can let you have my postal address and some postsge renummeration …. Best for now Steve

  8. hi chris glad ive found your site id like to thank you for many great times watching you in love joy.has a biker myself it was great to see motorcycles used on tv in a positive way.rather than bad press.i think there was only you and the drama boon that promoted motorcycles at the time.i hope this message finds you well.i fine actor and nice guy is what we all remember you has.kind regards.ian.

  9. Hi Chris, love the original Lovejoy series and have it now on DVD. I think you should create a new Lovejoy spin off series and reprise your role and call the series ‘Catchpole’? I’m sure Phylis Logan would also be interested being in it.

  10. Hello Chris, the next issue of the Saffron Walden HIstorical Journal will have an article of reminiscences of the Lovejoy filming in the town and villages of NW Essex. I wondered if you had any particular memories of Saffron Walden or that locality, that I could add to the article? many thanks, Jacqueline Cooper, Editor

    • Hi Jacqueline.

      Nice to hear from you. I personally can only remember filming in Saffron Walden once. In 1985 our base was Bury St Edmunds and Haverhill was the closest we got to SW. Then in 1990 we were based in Bishops Stortford and that is I think when I filmed in SW? Then we moved base to Bury St Edmunds for 1991-93. The last series I was involved in (’94) we moved base to Long Melford. So the question is how specific to SW to want to be?

  11. Hi Chris. Talk of a Lovejoy/Marvel mash-up has drawn me to your site. In the early 70s I was in the same year as Ness at St.J’s. Great to see all that you have achieved! x

  12. hi chris your a legend on the biker scene us bikers will never forget you and cant wait to see you back on tv were you belong a class down to earth no nonsense actor with real charm and character good luck in all your future work look forward to seeing you on tv or stage,kind regards ian all bikers from the west mids.

  13. Hello Chris, I am watching series 5 episode 2 who is the fairest! On Drama and have seen all up to to series 4. My dad & mam who have passed away 2015 used to really enjoy the earlier series back in the 80/90’s and got me hooked on on it . The only shows dad would watch were Lovejoy, Fools and Horses & Minder as all could happen in real life if one had the where withall . If you ever happen to be in Tipperary Ireland you are always welcome to stay at our holiday cottages
    near Cahir. Wishing you all the best in the future.

    Regards, Paul Lonergan

    T : 00353 86 8388848

      • Hi Chris
        Amazingly, it was 30 years ago this evening that the second series of Lovejoy began broadcast her in the UK, I became a fan after the repeats in Summer 1990 and so began to record the series on VHS which I still have today – in addition to the DVDs!
        Thank you for part in providing that 16 year old so much enjoyment and for continuing to do so now that I’m 46 with a wife, 2 sons and a dog!
        Matt , East Sussex.

  14. Did you see Midsomer Murders recently , hints of a homage to Lovejoy. Caroline Langsherie playing a character called Janey in an episode about covering up a Stradivarius violin to hide its true identity ….. “ genuine or Tommy Norris special ? “ we’re the words I was expecting to hear as they applied the varnish !

    • Much missed series indeed. I’d only follow a reboot if it was called Eric ! Was about time he came to the fore the character evolved nicely to become very knowledgeable if you read between the lines …..

  15. Hi Chris, if I may. I was given your contact from my Twitter pal Tony Slattery. My background is research in Soviet literature (phd et al.) And film making for one of Varlam Shalamov’s short stories (Solzhenitsyn’s contemporaries) and he mentioned you had done some work in this field. Stalin’s wife I believe.

    I am looking to return to further film making on these stories (147) so wondered if you are interested

  16. just watching you, Chris in Wycliffe!! My husbands, Dave and i absolutely love you, especially in Lovejoy with the amazing Dudley, what a pair you were, we watch it at least 4 nights a week on DVD!!!! Never gets boring, thanks so much for all the joy you give ue, all the best Debbie and Davexx

    • Thanks debbie. What a lovely message. Very much appreciated. And yes Dudley became one of my closest and dearest friends and I miss him terribly. But how lucky I am to have known him so well!

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