Chris Jury is an award-winning actor and screenwriter.

Born in Coventry in the English Midlands, I studied Drama/English at Hull University and began working as an actor in the theatre with such names as Mike Bradwell, Danny Boyle and Anthony Minghella; And with companies as diverse as Hull Truck, The Bush and Stratford East. I also worked extensively in film and TV appearing most notably as Eric Catchpole in over 50 episodes of the BBC’s long running series, Lovejoy.

Through my own company, Picture That, I produced and directed To Baldly Go, a short romantic comedy which was sold to Channel 4 in the U.K, and also secured an international distribution contract, selling to numerous TV stations throughout Europe and the USA.

After a brief spell working in drama script development at BBC Pebble Mill, in Birmingham, I made two more short films for Picture That; Poppy’s Present, which I produced and directed and Puke Fiction (The Vomit Trilogy), which I wrote and directed.

Puke Fiction, was shown in competition at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton and won the Electric Pavillion Award, for Best Film, awarded by the Halloween Society. It was also chosen for a screening at the ICA as part of the ‘Uncut’ season of short films. It was also shown in the ‘British Shorts’ section of the Manchester Film Festival and The Big Fix Festival in Birmingham.

My broadcast directing credits include: Dream Team, produced by Hewland International for BSkyB. Coronation Street, for Granada, Crossroads, for Carlton, Family Affairs, for Grundy’s Courtroom for Mersey TV, Hollyoaks also Mersey and over 40 episodes of East Enders for the BBC.

My TV writing credits include: Mancini’s Empire for LWT, One Inch Of Heaven for the BBC, Roeg’s Rage for Chrysalis, Wired, for the BBC comedy department, The Watsons for BSkyB, plus numerous episodes of The Bill for ITV and Doctors, Casualty and Holby City for the BBC.

I am currently writing for the theatre and television and I am founder of Changing Stories CIC a not-for-profit, Community Interest Company, that provides creative and educational projects, classes, courses, performances and events, which use the creation of story as a tool of self-realisation for the disadvantaged.

I am the cofounder of the Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival and I have lectured on scriptwriting and theatre, Film & TV production at the University Of West London, Leeds Metropolitan University, University Of the Creative Arts, Ruskin College Oxford and Bath Spa University.

65 thoughts on “Home

  1. Enjoying LOVEJOY Chris – brill as ever. By the way I am still awaiting for a reply to my e-mail which I sent a few weeks back.

  2. Hello Chris,
    I am a big fan of your work on the Lovejoy series. I am currently re-watching all the episodes courtesy of my public library. I used to watch them with my dad back when they were broadcast here in the US on A&E TV in the ’90’s. I just wanted to say hello and let you know that how much I enjoyed your part in Lovejoy. Cheers!
    -Ken Hendricks
    Wilton, CT, USA

  3. Hi Chris. Just found you on here and wanted to say I too am a lovejoy fan and some time ago you were good enough to send me a signed photo of the lovejoy cast, of which I still treasure. Wish you all the sucess in your future and thanks again for giving us “Eric” – great charactor, portrayed by a great actor. Peace and love in these wicked times.,.. Joe, south east england 🙂

  4. Eric was unique and so was your portrayal. I have watched your career with interest. You’ve gone from strength to strength and what a diverse career.
    We have a new series of Birds of a Feather soon and a christmas special of Open All Hours. Could you envision a christmas special of Lovejoy with the original cast in it? Jane buys Felsham Hall on the quiet and all are sent a mysterious invitation, and the story somehow takes off from there!

  5. Hi Chris
    Just found this site! I loved Lovejoy & all the actors from 86 to 1991, still the best drama programme ever. I love antiques, been collecting for many years now, mainly pottery. Over the years I have become attached to studio pottery and still learning about the potters, potteries & there marks. I have my own website mostly dedicated to the medium and some collectables as well.

    I would also like others, they would bring back the programme. I heard the Hoff from the Baywatch series/America’s Got Talent was up for it, don’t think that would be good idea some how.

    Hope to see you back behind the camera soon.


  6. BIG fan of Lovejoy – That’s about the last time there was anything decent on TV! Last week we stayed in the Lovejoy Studio at Belchamp Walter and thoroughly enjoyed Lovejoy location spotting around and about in the beautiful villages. Hope you are keeping fine and dandy 😀

  7. You wrote The Bill episode S.A.D?! This automatically makes you a legend in my book! 🙂 One of my very favourite episodes of the show – I always used to love the festive episodes! ‘Matt get your ars…ah sir.’

  8. Hey Chris 🙂

    I was just a boy when Lovejoy aired here in Denmark. Nevertheless I enjoyed the series and your performances a lot , accompanied by a pint of Danish lager of course. “The Prague Sun ” episodes are my favorites .

    Do you still drive a Harley ?? : -)

    Warm regards

    -Anders, Copenhagen

  9. Hi Chris,
    Claire and I love the lovejoy DVDs and as family we’re massive fans, we’ve just stayed at Belchamp Hall (lovejoy studios) first family holiday, amazing place and probably brilliant workplace. You are a legend in Eric of arabia dismantling the bike to rock music, you must want to get all the crew back together (Claire would love that) and maybe you and Ian could write together?! Be nice to here from you, maybe even a cold bitter in the Half moon sometime I’m buying, thanks again Paul

  10. I have just discovered Lovejoy, and I am really enjoying it. I’m getting into the antiques business (professinally) and I actually learn from the episodes, plus they are great fun!

    • I highly recommend reading the books by Jonathan Gash. A bit different Lovejoy from the screen version, but excellent material nevertheless!

  11. Hi Chris
    I loved the series Lovejoy in the 80s when I was a teenager. I now watch the box set every 6 months or so as they are such great programmes. I loved the fact your character was into rock music and in particular def leppard. Did you actually like rock music in real life? Funny thing is my 11 yr old son ended up a bigger def lep fan than me! He also loves watching the lovejoy box set and especially likes your character. Great to follow your career and see all of the great stuff you have been involved in since the good ol days of Lovejoy! Regards Simon.

  12. Hi Chris I am also called Chris 🙂 grew up watching Lovejoy in my childhood and I still like to revisit it, I have gained so much knowledge from watching this over the years, the reason it worked so well is because you had the 2 experts and then you had Eric, the dopey one that didn’t really know much and always put his foot in it, then you had the dymanic of upper class with lady Jane flirting with disaster all the time and the villainous dymanics of Gimbert vs Lovejoy always battling over something, that’s why it worked so well!

    Interestingly I found a tweet from October not sure if it is true?

    “New series of #Lovejoy being filmed at the mo with Tinker Dudley Sutton & Ian McShane Cant wait 😀 #AntiquesExpert”

  13. Hi Chris. Just love watching love joy all over again. My word it’s like a step back in time. Remembering having to rush back home on a Sunday evening after a game of cricket to watch it. Thanks for the good old days buddy. I did not realise you lectured at the University of West London. I work there.

  14. Do please bring Lovejoy and cast back, even though I believe Ian Macshane went to USA am watching this wonderful series on Drama at present.
    Valerie Spain.

  15. Hi Chris,

    My husband and I are re-watching the Lovejoy boxset at the moment, and have just found your website as we wanted to see what all the cast had gone on to do after the show ended. Delighted to see that you have had such a varied, exciting and successful career. Stunned to see how many other shows you have been involved in!
    Which was your favourite episode of Lovejoy, and was most fun to film?

  16. Hi Chris been watching Lovejoy since a teen now in 50s still watching re runs on Drama do you have any irons in fire at present would love to see you back on tv again

  17. This is what Dud said about Richard Wattis in 2004 for my book about him :

    “I admired him greatly. He was always the kind of actor I wanted to be; the kind who came on the screen and one would say ‘oh good, he’s in this’”

  18. hello, just have to say how much i loved your part in lovejoy, i often work in and around the villages in suffolk and essex that feature in the shows and i do try to identify exact locations, often going out of my way to visit, also you were great in stay lucky, so on that note do stay lucky.

  19. Hi Chris I’m looking at starting the Lovejoy appreciation society and wondered if you kept anything from the series?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Chris I don’t want to auction or sell I want to buy to keep as I’m a massive fan, I even stayed in the converted stables that you worked out of Felsham Hall. I thought your character was excellent and the whole cast were perfect. I’m trying to buy your old Yamaha 400xs and side car at the moment. What nice bits do you have ?

  20. Hi Chris, Greetings from Canada.
    I first discovered Lovejoy in the mid 1990’s and used to watch it with my grandmother. (Fond memories for me).
    Am currently rewatching every episode of it from start to finish and enjoying every minute of it.
    Thanks and Take Care 🙂

  21. Hi Chris l hope you’re OK during this current pandemic and strange times were in at moment, thinking of you fondly when u worked at bath Spa our chats when I made your coffee as you like it hee hee sylvia xx

  22. Hi Chris recently watched lovejoy on the box , reviving past memories . Wishing you well in these strange times . Enjoyed every episode .

  23. Hi Chris,
    What an amazing career you have had. However, I return to the old chestnut “Lovejoy” which we are currently watching on Freeview Drama. If ever an actor couldn’t ever be replaced, it was you in Lovejoy. We have watched it many times over the years (we are touching our 80’s) and every time it brings us joy and amusement. Why did you have to leave to run a public goodness sake😅. Janey left a few weeks ago which made me cry (it’s my age you know). It was a wonderful relationship you all had with her especially Lovejoy of course and that final episode with her was very touching actually. Now you’ve gone! Oh dear oh dear. We are missing you so much and the dynamics have all shifted now However we will see it through to the end. They don’t make them like they used to.

  24. Hello Chris,
    I hope all is going well for you. I just wanted to let you know how much happiness you have spread to a little unknown Chippewa Indian such as myself. I’m at the end of watching the 4th season of Lovejoy, and even if I doze off into my old man catnap. I have to go back to where I left off when I was awake to watch you and the gang. It’s funny when you get old how shows like this tug at the heart of an old man and stir feelings of happiness when watching a quality show. I always watch you with great admiration for your craft. And I think about the work, concentration and fun you must have had. Thanks for making my life Joyful and happy in my old age. I hope you have a great day and have happiness come back to you ten fold.


    • Hi Bryce. How lovely to hear from you! And so glad you like the show. I’m mainly a screenwriter these days and I’ve a project in very early development and as a member of the First Nation of the USA I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts. If you could spare the time perhaps you could email me at chris.jury@btinternet.com. What do you think?

  25. Hi Chris,
    We have watched lovejoy on and off for years and Eric has always been my favourite character ☺ thanks for making me laugh, hope you are well.
    Stay safe

  26. Just discovered Lovejoy on Acorn TV. 1/13/2022. I am loving this wonderful series and all the fabulous characters that you and your fellow actors created 1986-1994.
    What a treasure to watch and enjoy. Thanks to all for this delightfully entertaining series. It’s great !

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