Relaunch of Acting Career

So after 20 years working as a writer and director in UK television, I am relaunching myself as an actor!

Can’t wait to get back in front of the cameras! Hopefully you will see me (on the box) before I see you.

You can find me on Spotlight and IMBD Pro

All enquiries to John Sertice at:

Macfarlane-Chard Associates
13 Kingsway,

3 thoughts on “Relaunch of Acting Career

  1. Hi Chris,

    Great news and will watch out for your reappearance. Perhaps you could ‘tip us the wink’ as and when.

    Lovejoy, can’t get it out of the system not that I want to. Still playing them at beddie time. Great stuff that, and a good laugh as well.

    Well, onwards and upwards. I’ll have my ears to the ground and await some more good news.

    All the best,


    Sent from my iPad


  2. Since virtually all I watch are shows from the British Isles…I’m bound to see you sooner or later, still watching Lovejoy, but have found many more shows to my liking from over there. Father Brown is a favorite as well as Midsomer Murders, and many more. British TV is so much more interesting and varied than the garbage from the USA as a rule…What little I do watch from here dates back to the 50’s60’s 70’s. My dream would be to live in the Cotswolds, but sadly at age 70, I don’t see that happening. Cheers and a pint to you ..You’ll always be Eric to your mates across the pond !!!!

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