The Gates

I’m delighted to be working with my little sister, Rachel Jury, on her participatory musical project, The Gates.


Rachel’s company, ConFab, based in Glasgow, is one of the leading participatory arts companies in Scotland. She creates participatory theatre to the highest standards by using key professional cast and crew to nurture and guide large casts of community enthusiasts.

The Gates is a large-scale participatory theatre project for the LGBT community that has been performed very successfully in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The project was inspired by the story of, The Gateway, a gay club that opened in 1931 in the basement of a shop on the Kings Road in London. For 50 years ‘The Gates’ provided a secret safe-haven for the LGBT community until its closure in 1985.

In 2018 ConFab is hoping to bring the project to Manchester, Brighton and London and I’m working with Rachel as a Producer to help set that tour up. So keep your eyes peeled for The Gates, coming your way in 2018!

2 thoughts on “The Gates

  1. Chris, i am looking for my ‘Jury’ ancestors. Links i am aware of Spalding & London around 1900 (my great grandfather was john ‘jack’ jury, freeman of city of london after boer war). I realise Jury was Jew-ry. Do you have any of the 2 names in your family please? *Wasn’t there a Jury in one street that shakespeare lived in? I have researched shakespeare if you want to contact me for info on recusancy & spying/gunpowder plot (would be good film; esp royalties). Did you know Lew? He went to california to do script writing. I met him sky van diving. Best regards An.

    • There is a Jury Street in Warwick. No idea about Stratford or Shakespeare’s neighbours. My Grandad Jury came from Torquay in Devon to Coventry during the depression in the 30’s.

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