5 thoughts on “Look what I just found!

  1. Chris and Dudley at their finest, I wish it was 1994 again.
    Lovejoy was, and is so comforting and enjoyable to spend time in that I never want to leave
    only the fantasy land it inhabits and I still enjoy is now such a luxury and memory that I consider
    myself fortunate to have remembered that time, Glad it was made…! T in Lavenham Suffolk.
    warm summer evenings, really quiet rural villages innocent pastimes and a more relaxed less rushed
    time of living and great Lovejoy quality acting and fun characters in this series, there will never be another

  2. Great to see u guys together.Lovejoy to this day is wonderfull cheering lighthearted entertainment.
    A breath of clean air away from all the pretentious crap on the screen today

  3. Great picture Chris, us Lovejoy fans would love a reunion as you are all about apart from the great Malcolm Tierney which was a real shame he passed away, can’t you put something together and can I be an extra on the set!

  4. I live in Suffolk and am constantly reminded of the wonderful Lovejoy series as I drive past certain pubs and other filming locations. Always brings a smile to my face. I once ‘bumped’ into Dudley Sutton aka Tinker early one Sunday morning in Clare where some filming taking place.

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