A reposting of my piece on culture, class and identity politics.

My article on culture, class and identity politics originally published by the Shiela McKechnie Foundation, has been picked up by a new website and online network Visionary, which aims to be a catalyst for social change, inspiring communities via art, media and entertainment. Take a look here


What’s Your Story to run three times in January due to high demand

We seem to have really connected with this programme and were a little surprised to find ourselves massively oversubscribed and with less than half the places we needed for everyone who wanted to attend.

However, I am delighted to say that with the help of Springfield Mind and the WEA  we are now running the programme in Leamington Spa concurrently three times in the new year.

The Springfield Mind sessions are free and run on Thursday afternoons 13.00-16.00 and Friday 09.30-12.30 mornings at the Mind building, Southborough Terrace, Brunswick St, Leamington Spa CV31 2DT.

If you are interested in attending please email: bookings@changingstories.org.uk

The WEA  version runs on Monday evenings from 18.00-21.00 and costs £14.50 per week and is slightly more focused on the teaching of script writing skills. There are still places available for this version which can be booked here.

To run the programme three times instead of one means that some of our costs have tripled and even with the grants and donations we have raised so far we will be running at a significant loss.

Which is where you come in! We are committed to running the programme three times come what may but any donations you give will help reduce our loss and enable us to start to roll the programme out across the UK.

If you are able to help you can do so on our Go Fund Me page.

Or via BACS to Acc: 65127633 Sort Code: 53-61-3.

All the best and in anticipation… thanks for your donation!



My latest venture!

ScreenWrite – Affordable adult education classes that provide vocational training for aspiring writers of film and television drama.

Each course starts with a weekend of face to face workshops in Stratford-Upon-Avon followed by three months of online tutorials.

You can take any of the four ScreenWrite courses to top up your existing knowledge or you can take all four courses over 18 months as a comprehensive training in writing for film and television drama that is equivalent in scope and content to a university degree.

• 40 hours of teaching
• 2 days of face-to face, intensive teaching workshops
• 12 x 2 hour Online Live Lectures
• 6 x 1 hour 121 Online Tutorials
• Bi-weekly Individual Feedback On Your Work
• Live Online Webinars with Top Industry Professionals

Introduction To Screenwriting and Authored TV Drama are running January to May 2019.


What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story? is a creative therapeutic programme that gives users the space and tools to analyse and understand their life-problems as stories.

The programme has been developed by myself and Steve Norton out of the initial Flipping The Script programme.

Reimagining life-problems as stories can give users the insights to create their own solutions.

It is a mental wellbeing programme for anyone struggling to manage, understand or change their lives.

The programme next runs for 8 weeks, 09.30-12.30 on Friday mornings at Springfield Mind in Leamington Spa starting on Friday 25th January 2019.

If you are interested in attending please email: bookings@changingstories.org.uk



Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival Children & Young People’s Programme

The Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival started in 2014 and to celebrate our 5th year we are introducing a second venue and an exciting new programme.

The Children and Young People’s Programme will present films aimed at children and young people that celebrate liberty, equality and diversity. We will show a selection of entertaining feature films and exciting new offerings from our competition programme

We are awarding two new prizes in the Small Axe competition: The best film for a young audience made by someone over 18 and the best film made by someone under 18 

Rebel Girl’s

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of British women gaining the right to vote and the theme of this year’s main Tolpuddle film festival is ‘The 51%’. All films in our main festival this year are made by women, feature female protagonists and are made in the spirit of liberation.

The theme of our inaugural Children & Young People’s Programme is ‘Rebel Girls’, partly inspired by Elena Favilli’s hugely successful books, Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls. All the films feature strong, young female protagonists who are each in their own way striving for liberation.


This year the films include a core schedule of popular mainstream feature films interspersed with the latest lesser-known short films from across the globe. Our features in the programme are:

Bend It Like Beckham (2002) PG-13 – I hr 52 mins
Whale Rider (2002) PG-13 – 1 hr 41 mins
The Breadwinner (2017) PG-13 – 1 hr 34 mins
Matilda (1996) PG – 1hr 42 mins
My Neighbour Totoro (1988) G – 1 hr 26 mins
Persepolis (2007) PG 13 – 1hr 36 mins

Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival 2018

The 51%

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of British women gaining the right to vote. According to the Office For National Statistics 51% of the UK population are women. Since 1975 it has been illegal to discriminate on the grounds of sex or marital status. Yet the fall out from the BBC pay gap scandal, the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the ongoing violence and harassment of women on social media and the internet has made it clear that the struggle for the equal rights of women is far from over.

The criteria for the films this year are that they are all made by women, feature female protagonists and are made in the spirit of liberation.

The films this year will include: She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, Sisters in Law, La Souriante Madame Beudet, Suffragette, Frida, Ballad for Syria, Real Women Have Curves and Bambule.