The start of my screenwriting career

Just found my first 2 episodes of the Bill as a screenwriter on YouTube. From 1998 the half-hour was the very first professional writing gig I ever got. I’d never thought a plumbers son from Coventry like me could ever be a writer so I was/am very proud of this. I have this on my office wall to this day.

The hour long S.A.D was a “Christmas Special” broadcast on New Year’s Eve and is quirky and great fun with the first child birth in the Sunhill cells.

1 thought on “The start of my screenwriting career

  1. Great stuff Chris. Twenty two years ago. Bet you haven’t looked back or have you missed the Blow Torch and Flux?
    I am still looking out for that lecture on how a production comes about. I mean where and with what does it start and how are the many facets of a production sort of sown together.
    All the best.

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