Rewriting Your Script Running Twice In Weymouth

Demand for Rewriting Your Script at Weymouth Library this Autumn has been so great we are now running it twice!

Places are limited to 12 on Rewriting Your Script and we have had over 30 applications.

Thus the original run of the programme will continue from 10.00-13.00 on Tuesday’s for 12 weeks from 24th September at Weymouth Library.

In addition we are now running the programme on Monday afternoon’s at Weymouth Library from 13.00-16.00 for 12 weeks from Monday 23rd September.

Rewriting Your Script is a transformative creative writing programme offering  you innovative and effective analytical tools to improve your mental wellbeing.

During 12 x 3-hour weekly sessions you will be guided by the programme’s tutor Chris Jury, to write a script for a short film or short play. This  creative process gives you the emotional distance to safely explore and test some of the ideas, assumptions and expectations that underpin your mental wellbeing.

1 thought on “Rewriting Your Script Running Twice In Weymouth

  1. I feel so lucky that I found a place available for the script writing course starting on Monday 23rd September! So excited! I published my first book in 2018, ‘The Reinvention of Me’ – a journey of self-discovery in a disenchanted world, which chronicles the myriad of life experiences that I have either witnessed or endured from childhood to adulthood. This script writing course is going to be the next step in my entrepreneurial journey 🙂

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