My latest venture!

ScreenWrite – Affordable adult education classes that provide vocational training for aspiring writers of film and television drama.

Each course starts with a weekend of face to face workshops in Stratford-Upon-Avon followed by three months of online tutorials.

You can take any of the four ScreenWrite courses to top up your existing knowledge or you can take all four courses over 18 months as a comprehensive training in writing for film and television drama that is equivalent in scope and content to a university degree.

• 40 hours of teaching
• 2 days of face-to face, intensive teaching workshops
• 12 x 2 hour Online Live Lectures
• 6 x 1 hour 121 Online Tutorials
• Bi-weekly Individual Feedback On Your Work
• Live Online Webinars with Top Industry Professionals

Introduction To Screenwriting and Authored TV Drama are running January to May 2019.


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