An Invitation To Attend Play Reading At The Park Theatre


I would like to invite all and sundry to a professional reading of my new play, Nadya, which tells the untold story of Stalin’s second wife Nadya Alliluyeva.
This is an epic tale of one of the most extraordinary young women of the Russian Soviet era and one of the few Kremlin insiders who dared to openly oppose Stalin.

I can’t believe it but I am so proud to announce the fantastic cast which includes: Michelle Terry, Phyllis Logan, Stephen Tompkinson, David Robb, Jaimie Forman, Shaun Prendergast and Dominic Mafham…

Star Cast For Mailchimp

And Alistair Donegan, Chloe Massey,Lizzie Roper, Alice Fernandez, Nicola Coughan, Kathryn O’Reilly, Julie Teal and Jim Lavender.

Rest of cast


Nadya                                        Michelle Terry
Stalin                                         Stephen Tompkinson
Baba                                          Phyllis Logan
Uncle Abel Yenukidze             Shaun Prendergast
Sergo Ordzhonikidze              Dominic Mafham
Vecha Molotov                         Rupert Holiday Evans
Marshal Kliment Vorishilov     David Robb
Nikolai Bukharin                      Jamie Foreman
Nikita Khrushchev                   Alistair Donegan
Sasha Andreyev                       Jim Lavender
Polina Molotov                         Chloe Massey
Zinaida Ordzhonikidze            Kathryn O’Reilly
Ekaterina Voroshilov               Lizzie Roper
Kristina Vadimovna                 Alice Fernandez
Elena Fyodorovich                   Nicola Coughan
Stage Directions                      Julie Teal

The reading will take place in Park-200 at 18.00 on Monday 14th September at 18.00

If you would like to attend this free reading please reserve your place[s] by emailing your name and ticket requirements to

Hope to see you there!
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