A play what I wrote (and directed) comes to London

The Liberty Tree at The Cockpit in London

Wed 24th – Saturday 27th June.


“Effin’ brilliant. If you haven’t seen it, you better get down to The Cockpit in June or regret it forever!”



The Liberty Tree is a rebellious, feel-good, jukebox musical for anyone sick of being overworked, underpaid and powerless.

It’s Agitprop meets the Wizard of Oz and is a hilarious, up-lifting satire on modern Britain.

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Rosa is a young woman working in a Call Centre (the electronic sweatshops of the 21st Century). She witnesses a manager cruelly bullying a colleague but does nothing. A fellow worker, Joe, does intervene and is sacked. That night Rosa is tormented by her cowardice in the face of such injustice. As she sleeps she dreams and when she awakes she is trapped in the grotesque, The Land Of Do What You’re Told. She soon discovers that the only way out of this land of obedience and subservience is to go on a journey to find The Liberty Tree…

The show is playing at The Cockpit in London Wed 24th – Saturday 27th June, after a sell-out run in Bath in May.

The show is performed by students and young activists and is an inspiring night out for all lefties, radicals, socialists, anarchists, trade unionists and fellow travellers.

“I wrote the play as a response to what I perceive as a crisis of political education in the UK. Many young people have not even the flimsiest notions of how we got to be supposedly free citizens in a free country, let alone that it is possible to resist the exploitation they are all too aware they are experiencing in the workplace.”

The Liberty Tree is deliberately aimed at these young people, students and young trade unionists, and is an attempt to address this failure of education but not through lectures and textbooks, but through the vehicle of a large-scale musical which uses drama, music and comedy to demonstrate the political realities of how power is expressed and to extol the virtues of collective political action as a response of the powerless to the abuses of the powerful.

Audiences Responses to The Liberty Tree:

“The best use of swearing in a play ever.”

 “Well done to the cast on an amazing night, didn’t think I would end the evening dancing!!!”

“What a fantastic combination of energy, pace and play in the performances.”

“Visually and sensorially intense, the action reflects a very powerful narrative.”

 “A politically very sophisticated piece of writing but also such great fun!”

“Lively performances, great music, fabulous movement and some truly stunning moments. ‘I shall be released’ under a noose gave me shudders….”

“The Liberty Tree is laugh out loud stuff. Very clever and very funny and very sophisticated politically.”

“The ghosts of Eisenstein, Meyerhold and Piscator come to life.”

“I love its honesty and energy… It is the sort of piece that Stratford East used to do 30 years ago.” 

Nicholas Kent, Founding Director of The Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn.

“What we have here is a great bit of old fashioned Agitprop; a Socialist panto – Wizard of Oz rewritten by William Morris and Ewan MacColl.”

Mike Bradwell, Founder Of Hull Truck.

COCKPIT BOX OFFICE – http://www.thecockpit.org.uk/show/the_liberty_tree

FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/thelibertytreemusical

WEBSITE – http://publicdomainproductions.org.uk/the-liberty-tree/




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